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Checklist: Junior

Junior Year Calendar

Junior Presentation


checkbox with gold borderPrepare for the PSAT by looking at the practice booklet distributed in your English classes. You will find additional resources for the PSAT including an online practice test on the College Board website. A quick link to this information is found at: Collegeboard Testing.


checkbox with gold borderCheck the Naviance College Visit calendar for the list of college admission representatives visiting FHS. Sign up for any colleges of interest. Check this calendar regularly through November as the list will grow as information sessions are scheduled. Naviance Family Connections



checkbox with gold borderTake the school wide PSAT Collegeboard PSAT in October.


checkbox with gold borderStart planning your college visits. Junior year is a good time to visit local areas colleges to get a feeling about the type of college you will attend. Large or small, public or private, UC or CSU, etc.


checkbox with gold borderStart researching colleges using Naviance SuperMatch College Search. Look at college websites and sign up as a prospective student so you are on their mailing list to receive information. Naviance Family Connections


checkbox with gold borderAttend Foothill FAFSA Workshop FAFSA



checkbox with gold borderAttend the TUSD College and Career Night with your parents as you begin to research your options for financial aid, grants, scholarships and loans for college.



checkbox with gold borderPlan your college admission testing calendar and consider registering for the March SAT and/or April ACT. Start thinking about accelerating your test preparation. Test preparation resources are available on the school website.



checkbox with gold borderConsider taking a full-length practice SAT or ACT as part of your test preparation. Practice SAT test and Practice ACT test


checkbox with gold borderWhen your PSAT/NMSQT scores are ready online, you’ll get an email with instructions on creating your College Board account, going to your online score report, and using your access code to view your scores.


checkbox with gold borderAttend PSAT Night/College Planning for Juniors in January in the FHS Event Center.



checkbox with gold borderBegin or continue your college searching as you start to narrow your college interest list. Use the Naviance Super Match College Search features and resources available in the College & Career Center. Naviance Family Connections



checkbox with gold borderConsider taking the SAT for the first time if you feel comfortable with the level of your classroom learning. It is highly recommended students take advantage of classroom learning before taking college admission tests. Both the SAT and ACT are offered in April, May and June if you prefer.


checkbox with gold borderVisit the College & Career Center to look up more information on colleges that interest you. SAT Registration and ACT Registration



checkbox with gold borderConsider taking the ACT for the first time. ACT Registration


checkbox with gold borderContinue your family discussion about college: Where? How?


checkbox with gold borderConsider visiting college campuses during Spring Break.


checkbox with gold borderPlan to attend the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) College Fair at Anaheim or Pasadena. This is a great opportunity to see hundreds of colleges at one fair. For dates and location go to: NACAC



checkbox with gold borderTake any appropriate Subject Test that may be required by colleges you intend to submit an application. (or register for the June test date). SAT Subject Test


checkbox with gold borderTake any appropriate AP Exams. AP Potential


checkbox with gold borderStart drafting your college essay/personal insight questions. UC Personal Insight Questions and Common Application


checkbox with gold borderConsider who will write your letters of recommendation (if required) for your college applications and approach them before you leave school for the summer.


checkbox with gold borderRegister with the NCAA if you plan to play sports in college to establish your eligibility and send in your transcript NCAA Eligibility Center.



checkbox with gold borderOrganize your applications deadlines. Carefully organize a timeline if you are planning to apply Early Decision or Early Action.


checkbox with gold borderStart narrowing down your college list to a realistic number and prepare for college applications by gathering your family data and update your resume. Check Naviance Scattergrams. Naviance Family Connections


checkbox with gold borderVisit college campuses of interest. Take this checklist with you: Campus Visit Checklist


checkbox with gold borderSpend the summer doing what you enjoy. Talk to your college friends home for the summer.


checkbox with gold borderContinue your SAT or ACT test preparation and register for the SAT or ACT if you plan to test in September, October or November. SAT Registration and ACT Registration


checkbox with gold borderFinalize your brag sheet located in Naviance and download Letter of Recommendation Procedures.