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The SAT and ACT are college admission tests required by most colleges.

Colleges will accept scores from either test so it is highly advisable to determine which test is compatible to your testing style and skills.

Preliminary tests score from the PSAT (SAT) or ASPIRE (ACT) can help you determine which test is more desirable for you.

Test preparation or full-length practices are offered by private test preparation companies. Check with the College & Career Center for more information on test preparation courses and/or SAT and ACT practice tests.

Test Preparation companies weigh in on the SAT or ACT debate:

The Princeton Review:



Khan Academy:  | Get to know the redesigned SAT, practice tests, interactive practice, short quizzes, instant feedback.

In 2008, The College Board and ACT completed a concordance study examining the relationship between the SAT and ACT. This concordance table does not give equivalent scores but provides compatible scores. To better understand concordance, see:

SAT/ACT Concordance Table (PDF)