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What to do if I am Wait-listed?

clipboard and pencilWhat do I do if I am put on the Wait-list?

  • Do not panic, you were wait-listed, not turned away!
  • The Wait-list is the college’s enrollment cushion or safety net. You should remain on the wait-list only if you are truly still interested in attending that college.
  • Whether a college will utilize its wait-list is unpredictable from year to year. Some colleges go to the wait list every year. Other colleges rarely go to their waitlist.

Get a better sense of your chance of admission

  • Contact the college admissions office immediately if you want to remain on their wait- list.
  • Find out if the admissions office ranks the wait-list or has a priority list.
  • Write a letter to the admissions office. Admissions officers are interested in any NEW information not already listed on your original application. For example, new awards or letter of recommendation.
  • Remain on the wait-list only if you are truly still interested in attending that college.
  • Continue to study hard, final semester grades may be a reevaluation factor.
  • If you are wait-listed at more than one college, it is best practice to only remain active on one wait list.  (With the exception of the University of California where special rules apply)

Reconsider the colleges that accepted you

  • If you can picture yourself at one of your second choices and be happy, send in your deposit and plan to attend that school. You’ll be relieved after a decision has been made.

Wait-list decisions are not made until after May 1st decision deadline. You should prepare to attend another school where you have been accepted by sending in the necessary paperwork and deposit. If you are accepted off the wait-list, you will have to forfeit your deposit at the first school and send a deposit to the second school.