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Foothill Counseling’s goal is to provide a comprehensive counseling program addressing student’s academic, career/college and social/emotional needs. We provide encouragement and support to maximize student potential and academic achievement; which includes identifying relevant and rigorous college preparatory coursework, career and college pathways, and a completion of high school graduation and UC/CSU “a-g” college requirements. The fundamental purpose of our department is to inspire students to cultivate a passion for learning, explore and develop diverse talents and reach well beyond the ordinary.

Mission Statement

The mission of Foothill High School Counseling Program is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling curriculum which encourages the highest level of student achievement. Through a caring and engaging environment, school counselors foster academic, career and personal/social growth to reach the students within our diverse population. Collaborating with teachers, administrators, parents and the Foothill community, the school counselors help all students find career pathways and to be successful lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

The students at Foothill High School are a part of a diverse population that is prepared for future success in their post-secondary pursuits, ready to meet the challenges and high expectations of a global citizen. Graduates of Foothill High School are productive citizens, strong in character and respect for others, making a positive impact in our school and community.