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Middle and High School -

Middle & High School

Plan your middle and high school years so that you have a path to the future YOU want to achieve.
Set high school and post-high school goals.

Career Options -

Career Options

Find information about jobs that seem best for you and identify your skills.
Understand what employers are looking for in twenty-first century workers.

Getting a Job -

Getting a Job

Getting a job will be a necessity at some point in your life, perhaps during high school, certainly after.
Get help whether you’re looking for your first job or your fourth job.

Education & Training -

Education & Training

Education, training, and life experiences you never thought about are waiting for you.
Explore your options.

Challenges -


Everyone in life faces challenges.
Get help with career and education/training related challenges.

Getting a Job -

Money Management

Learning how to manage money now will help you make smart financial decisions in the future.
Reach your life and career goals.

About Us

Counseling Staff

Foothill High School Counseling staff 2021-2022

From left: John Emaguna, Julie McGinis, Yvonne Bonilla, Theresa Duran, Cassandra Vargas, Hannah Huyhn, Diane Diaz, Jeff Bonds

Julie McGinis
[email protected]
10-12 | A – E

Jeff Bonds
[email protected]
10 – 12 | F – Lo

Diane Diaz
[email protected]
10 – 12 | Lu – Ra

John Emaguna
[email protected]
10 -12 | Re – Z

Hannah Hyunh, College and Career Counselor

Hannah Hyunh
College & Career Counselor
[email protected]

Cassandra Varga

Cassandra Vargas
Freshman Counselor
[email protected]

Theresa Duran

Theresa Duran
Counseling Secretary
[email protected]

Bernadette Saavedra

Bernadette Saavedra
Counseling Clerk
[email protected]


Michelle England | Principal
Crystal Kirch | Assistant Principal
Troy Fresch | Assistant Principal
CK Green | Assistant Principal