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FHS Graduation Requirements

FHS Graduation Requirements

Graduation will be authorized by the Board of Education, and a diploma will be granted to all students who have acquired 230 units of credit from the adopted Course of Study during grades 9-12. Students completing the 12th grade will be required to successfully pass the California High School Exit Exam in English/language arts and mathematics as a condition to receiving a diploma.

Subject Minimum Required Credits Details




Must complete math through Geometry


3 years of science, including 1 year Life Science and 1 year Physical Science
(lab sciences are not required for graduation)
Social Science
1 year World History (10th grade) or Honors World History (9th or 10th grade)
1 year U.S. History or AP US History (11th grade)
1 semester American Government or AP (12 grade)
1 semester Economics or AP (12th Grade)
World Languages and/or
Visual/Performing Arts and/or Applied Arts


Minimum of ten credits in World Languages and/or Visual or Performing Arts and Applied Arts.
1 year World Languages or Visual and Performing Arts (10 credits)
1 year World Languages or Visual and Performing Arts or Applied Arts (10 credits)
Physical Education


 Must pass the physical fitness test.


 Any electives including any extra courses in the categories above.


Students identified as “individuals with exceptional needs” shall meet the graduation requirements unless the Individualized Education Program Team determines that the student’s handicaps or disabilities preclude student attainment of the District’s graduation requirements. Commensurate with team diagnosis, a student’s Individualized Education Program will specify the course standards to meet District graduation requirements.