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Types of Colleges: Four Year Colleges

University of California (UC)

With over 159,000 students, including undergraduate and graduate students, the University of California (UC) has nine campuses offering instruction in a wide range of fields. Among the campuses are five medical schools, three law schools, and a school of veterinary medicine, as well as many professional schools including business administration, education, engineering, and oceanography.

Admission to the University of California is quite competitive. To be eligible for admission to the UC system as a freshman, you must meet the “A-G” Subject Requirements, the examination requirements, and the academic eligibility requirements. Meeting minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee you a place at a campus or in the major of your choice. The campuses screen applicants and generally admit students with higher qualifications than the minimums required.

Selection process by campus

While all UC campuses use the same 14 factors to evaluate applications, they often apply these factors differently. Be sure to review the selection process of each campus:

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