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College Searching on Naviance

Naviance “SuperMatch” College Search

Naviance has a search feature that will help you find colleges that match your interest in the areas of : location, students (activities, etc.), admission (criteria), athletics, majors, costs and special programs. There are over 4000 colleges listed in Naviance.

An advanced college search through “Super Match” will produce a list of colleges that match the interest areas checked off.

Begin your search under the “colleges” tab, then click on SuperMatch.

Naviance "SuperMatch" screenshot

Follow the instructions under SuperMatch. This type of search may be done as many times as you like changing the search criteria. Not all colleges on your list will be of interest to you, but this is a great way to start compiling a list of colleges to investigate further. Naviance can also link you directly to college websites for more information.

Naviance "SuperMatch" screenshot

If you have any questions about searching for colleges, see your Counselor or College & Career Center.