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Information for Athletes

NCAA FHS Course List
NCAA Initial Eligibility Worksheet

NCAA logoIf you are interested in pursuing sports in college, you need to be aware of the eligibility rules of the NCAA.

Go to: NCAA Eligibility Center Contact Addresses:

Eligibility requirements and NCAA links are also found on our school website: under Athletics.


As a prospective college athlete, you should do the following:

    • Make sure you meet the core course requirements.
      • Check with your counselor if you have questions.
    • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse by submitting your Student Release form (SRF) via the website. (transcripts required)
    • End of junior year, check your certification status and submit your final transcript.

We have several resources to help students, parents, counselors, and coaches during the transition. Please see some popular choices below:

To view more tutorials, visit the High School Portal  and select the link under “New Website Resources.”
NCAA College Guide cover

The NCAA publishes an annual Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete. The download is available on the NCAA website and on the counseling website.

This guide describes NCAA regulations about playing sports in college including: contacting coaches, recruiting and letters of intent.

You may search for colleges that support Division I, II and III programs on the NCAA website. Narrow your search by geographically by conference. Serious athletic evaluation of a college team can be made by noting the placement in conference competition and standing, as well as potential position openings and seniority by examining the roster.

FHS subscribes to a national directory of college coaches. Consult the College & Career Center for further information.