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Things to Do on a College Visit

Things to Do on a College Visit

photo of two students reading newspapers on park benchLook at school newspapers, kiosks and bulletin boards for activities that interest you, and give you insight into issues students care about.

How is the food?
Eat in the dining hall (you may need permission from the admissions office or require a pass).



photo of large dining hallVisit the Student Union or Student Center
What type of activities do they offer?

What type of IT/Computer support services are offered on campus?

Look at the different types of student housing.
Single, Doubles, Triples, Apartments, etc.


photo of dormitory with 3 sets of bunk bedsVisit the Library/Libraries.
What are the hours? Are there students using studying?

Talk to professors in the departments that interest you.

Talk to coaches if you are interested in playing a sport.


Ask Questions

Questions to ask a Campus Representative:

    • What percent of students are accepted?
    • What percent of first year students return?
    • What percent of entering students graduate?
      • In how many years?
    • How much flexibility is there in curriculum?
    • Can I double major?
    • Is a core curriculum required?
    • What is the average class size?
    • What is the faculty to student ratio?
    • Are courses taught by professors?
    • Are courses taught by graduate assistants?
    • What percentage of faculty teach first and second year students?
    • How many credit/classes do student take in one term? Semester of quarter?
    • Honors Program?
    • Financial Aid?
    • Graduate Programs?
    • What percentage of students are admitted to graduate schools? MBA? Law School? Medical School?
    • What type of emergency notification system is in place for parents?

Stop students on campus and ask them about their school and programs:

    • If they were choosing a college today, would this be their first choice?
    • What qualities of the school attracted them to apply?
    • Is there anything they would change about the school? What and why?
    • What are the school’s most popular majors?
    • What are the school’s strengths?
    • Do you have a car? Do you need a car? Do they allow you to have a car?
      • How is parking?
    • What type of public transportation is there?
    • What do you do on weekends?
    • What type of activities are you involved in?
      • Intramural sports?
      • Greek life?
      • Clubs? logoTake a virtual tour selected from an extensive list of colleges at: