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Naviance Scattergrams and Statistics

Naviance Scattergrams and Statistics

Naviance can produce graphs called Scattergrams that shows the acceptance history of a college using Grade Point Average and test scores. A Scattergram shows acceptances, denied and wait-listed by symbols found in the legend.

The information on a Scattergram is unique to FHS and is based on information reported by seniors before they graduate.

    • Students must enter their test scores on Naviance in order to see themselves on the Scattergram graph.
    • Grade Point Averages are unique to FHS students. The comparison is with other FHS students. All GPAs are entered by FHS.
    • Tests can be changed to compare SAT or ACT scores.

The information on a scattergram is to show how a student compares with the application history of a particular college as it pertains to FHS, only.

naviance scattergrams