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California State Application

California State Application

screenshot of csumentor-edu
This is the website of the California State University
designed to help students and parents:

    • Learn about the CSU system and all 23 campuses.
    • Select a CSU campus to attend.
    • Plan financial aid.
    • Submit and application
    • Establish an account with User ID and password.

Help Tutorial that will walk you through the CSU application is found at:

  1. Use CSUMentor to file your application online to one or more of the California State University campuses.
  2. Create an account:
    1. Enter your contact information
  3. Log-in with your User ID and password and enter “Course Manager”
    1. Choose a campus and complete the information requested
    2. Once an application is completed, CSUMentor will transfer your information to another application so it is simple to apply to more than one CSU campus.
      1. The information requested for each campus is the same with the following exceptions:
        1. Each CSU campus requires you to fill out enrollment information found on the first screen of the application.
        2. California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo is the only campus to require additional information on their application. (You will be prompted by CSUMentor.)
  4. Application requires entering all CSU eligibility required high school courses and grades.
    1. See “High School Planner” for a list of required courses on CSUMentor.
  5. Application requires entering SAT or ACT scores.
    1. CSU does NOT require SAT Writing or ACT Writing scores.
    2. SAT scores must also be reported from
    3. ACT scores must also be reported and may now be requested through CSUMentor from
  6. The application fee per campus is $55 (2014).
    1. Payable by check, money order, credit card or debit card.
    2. Students with financial hardship or AB540 may qualify for a fee waiver. See your counselor for assistance on how to submit a request for fee waiver.
  7. Official transcripts should be sent electronically to CSU ONLY WHEN INSTRUCTED TO DO SO, not before.
  8. CSU application DOES NOT require a personal statement.
  9. CSU application DOES NOT require letters of recommendation.
  10.  CSU application DOES NOT require list or validation of extra-curricular/community activities or awards.

CSUMentor Technical Support: