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UC Application

UC Application

University of California sealUC applications are available online in early October:
How to apply to the UC:

Resources: Presenting Yourself UC Application Freshman

The filing period for the UC application is from November 1st through November 30th. Students complete one application which is then sent to the UC campuses of the students’ choice.

The UC application offers step by step directions for completing the application. Following these directions carefully will simplify the application process. Below are tips to assist you with completing the application accurately.

  1. Personal Information: Be sure that you are utilizing your legal name, as it appears on your FHS transcript. Do not use your nickname or abbreviations.
  2. Enrollment Information:
    • Check all UC campuses to which you want to apply. There is an application fee for each campus.
    • Each campus requires a four digit major code. Each campus uses a different code, even if it is the same major. Undeclared also has a major code on each campus.
    • For UCSD, you must rank order the six different colleges, based on your interests.
  3. Family Information: This section is optional.  Be sure to complete the family income information if you are applying for financial aid.
  4. Scholarships: Review the list of restricted scholarships, as there may be scholarships for which you are eligible. You have space on your application to include the codes for up to ten of these restricted scholarships. Campus based scholarships are also offered. There are various requirements and deadlines for these scholarships.
  5. Self-Reported Academic Record: The University of California has students self-report their academic record, including course work, grades and senior year work in progress. Students will list all UC approved courses taken since the 9th grade. The drop down menu will indicate the UC approved courses offered at FHS.
    • 8th grade classes: Write in high school courses taken in 8th grade (Algebra 1, Foreign Language)
    • 12th grade: List fall courses as “in progress” and spring courses as “planned”. If any changes are made to the courses indicated, the student must notify the UC campus in writing.
    • If you took a summer school course, the information should be added…
    • Test Scores: Your college admission test scores must be officially submitted from the testing agency. The UC campuses will take a student’s highest score from a single sitting. Testing should be completed no later than December.
  6. Honors and Awards, Extra Curricular Activities, Community Service and Employment: Students should indicate the information in the appropriate section. No additional activities resumes or lists may be added. Students must work within the space provided within the application.
  7. Personal Statement: The University of California provides an informative tutorial regarding the personal statement on their website. There is a word limit that students should not exceed, as the end of your essay could be cut off.