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Science Course Pathways

Listed below are possible course sequences for Science.

Please consult with your counselor if you have any questions regarding your personal course of study.

You must meet the prerequisites for the course to enroll.  Many science prerequisites are based on math level completed, as well as science courses completed.

For further information regarding prerequisites, refer to the Foothill High School Course Catalog.

graphic science symbols


Biology: The Living Earth
Biology AP
Forensic Science
IB Biology HL2
Environmental Science AP


Chemistry in the Earth System
Chemistry Honors
Chemistry AP
Physics of the Universe
Physics 1 AP
Physics 2 AP
Forensic Science
Environmental Science AP


9th Grade   | Biology: The Living Earth/Biology AP
10th Grade | Chemistry in the Earth System/Chemistry H/Chemistry AP
11th Grade | Physics of the Universe/Physics 1AP/Biology AP (IB)
12th Grade | Science Elective: Biology HL2 (IB), Physics 2AP, Environmental AP, Oceanography, Forensic Science, AP Level Science courses