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Start finalizing your college list and begin the online applications process. The University of California application opens  August 1st. The UC application requires you to answer four out eight Personal Insight Questions, select the questions that would best define you. The helpful video can assist you as you write your Personal Insight questions.


If  you are applying to a private university, it is most likely that they use the “Common Application”  which also opens in August 1st.

Common Application Resources 

Start Seriously considering possible careers – take the career survey on Naviance if you haven’t taken it already



Review your final college list with your family to make sure it fits your career choice and finances. Use the scattergram on your Naviance account to see how your GPA and SAT/ACT scores match up to the colleges you have selected.  If you want to try the SAT or ACT one more time, sign up for the October test – SAT or Review your final college list with your family to make sure it fits your career choice and finances. Use the scattergram on your Naviance account to see how your GPA and SAT/ACT scores match up to the colleges you have selected.  If you want to try the SAT or ACT one more time, sign up for the October test – SAT or ACT

Counselors will be making college presentation in your class and passing out transcripts that you can use to complete your applications. Recheck your A-G requirements.  Attend the College Application Night –  Representatives from UC, CSU, Community Colleges and Common Application will be reviewing the application process.

Check the counseling calendar for the schedule of admission representatives visiting FHS and sign up for colleges of interest. If you cannot attend a specific visit, fill out an interest card in the College & Career Center for the college representative.

Fill out your brag sheet on Naviance. Copy and paste it onto a Word document and increase the font to 12 pt. to give to your teachers that are writing your letter of recommendation.  You may want to include a thank you card or note.  Inform your counselor that you will be applying to a private school and will need them to complete your secondary school report and write a letter of recommendation.  Make sure that your brag sheet is updated.  Your counselors do not need a paper copy.

Re-take the SAT and/or ACT if needed, no later than the December.  SAT  or  ACT

Stay organized and track your deadlines – the California State University and the University of California application Deadline is November 30th.  Private schools will vary so check their website and visit common application Common Application  to check application  deadlines and essay questions.

Work on completing your college list on Naviance and check the counseling website for college visits in the College and Career Center – College Visits

California State Universities application filing period open October 1st – CSU Mentor.


Work on your college applications, personal statement and essays. IF YOU ARE APPLYING EARLY: (Early Applicant or Early Decision), FINALIZE your application(s) and essays!  Continue attending college representative visits in the College & Career Center.

Seniors may want to try either the SAT or ACT one more time.  FHS Seniors will have the opportunity to take the new online SAT during class time.  The scores may be used for college applications.

California State Universities application filing period open October 1st – CSU Mentor.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) open submission period begins October. Ask your parents for their income tax information that they completed in spring and begin the FAFSA application.  Attend the FAFSA Information Night October, at Foothill High School for questions regarding FAFSA.  Apply for your FAFSA Personal ID Number (PIN).   All students applying to college should complete the FAFSA.  FAFSA Application.   Tips on applying to the FAFSA:   Video – FAFSA Help  CSS/Financial Aid Profile – If you are applying to a private college you will also need to check the CSS Profile to see if your college requires additional financial information which is on CSS Profile CSS Profile

Explore Financial Aid options. FAFSA Powerpoint PDF


Meet with your counselor to review your college choices, review your prompt topics and ask questions.  The counselors will be in the library every Tuesday in the month of October to assist with college applications.  Bring your laptop.  Have your brag sheet complete and be sure to  inform your teachers and counselor that you requesting a letter of recommendation by NOVEMBER 15th.

If your college is outside of California but a state university, you will need to submit transcript through Parchment: Ordering final transcript
Reminder: you do not need to send first semester transcripts to CSU, UC’s, and Common Application schools.


Know your Early Admission deadlines! Early Decision and Early Action deadlines are typically November 1st or 15th. Don’t miss your deadlines.  If you need letters of recommendation from your teacher or counselor make sure they have your brag sheet a month prior.  For regular admission, the deadline for requesting letters of recommendation is November 15th.  Make sure you have spoken to your teachers and counselors by that deadline.

University of California (UC) application filing period is from November 1-30. Don’t wait until the last minute to file!


Finalize any college applications with a January deadline.  If you will be attending a community college, be on the alert for priority registration.

Check to see if any of the private colleges that  you are applying  to requires the CSS profile for financial aid.  This is an additional application  that provides colleges with additional information regarding financial need:  CSS Profile College Board

Start researching Scholarships: Chamber of Commerce Best College Scholarships


Start or continue your search for scholarships. Check the scholarship list on Naviance for community scholarships weekly as it changes with new additions. Stop by the College and Career Center with questions and to inquire about new scholarship postings along with scholarship web searches such as:

If you will be attending a college in California, you may be eligible for the Cal Grant.  Talk to your counselor or the College and Career Counselor about qualifications  for a Cal Grant (financial aid) Cal Grants

Send in your mid-year reports including your seventh semester transcript, if requested by your college.  Always check your email for college requests and communications.  If you applied to a university through Common Applications, your counselors will automatically send in mid-your 7th semester transcript.


Check to make sure all applications were received (keep all email receipts) and keep checking your email.


Decisions (rolling admission offers) begin to arrive!

Keep up your grades! You will need to submit your final grades to the college of your choice. Colleges can rescind your admission if you do not maintain your grade point average.


If there are changes in your academic courses or extra curricular program since your initial application, you must notify your colleges.

Stay on top of financial aid deadlines and check for local scholarships in the college and career center.

Check your email for communications from colleges, especially those regarding incomplete applications or missing information. Respond quickly to any requests.

Attend Senior Day at your local community college. See the College & Career Center for more information.


April 1 acceptances arrive! Analyze your acceptances and financial aid packages carefully to determine what is the best match for you.

Decisions and deposits are due by May 1 to the college of your choice. Follow the instructions on your acceptance letter. Note any special procedures for housing. It is considered unethical to make a deposit to more than one school.

Notify colleges you are turning down of your decision.


Don’t be late. May 1st is the deadline to notify the college of your choice.

Send any additional AP scores to your college through

Graduation! Congratulations and Good Luck – Don’t forget to order your final transcript for you college.   Procedures for ordering your transcript is found at: Order Transcripts Parchment or at: Ordering Transcripts FHS Website