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Checklist: Freshman

Freshman Year Calendar

Naviance Freshman Presentation PDF
Freshman Planning Night Presentation PDF
Freshmen 4 Year Plan
Incoming Freshmen Presentation


checkbox with gold borderRegister for Naviance  Log-In – Naviance Family Connections


checkbox with gold borderGet familiar with other resources available to you such as Aeries Portal and Haiku.  Aeries is a component that will monitor your grades. Aeriesnet


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Get involved in clubs. Foothill Clubs

checkbox with gold borderHave your parent attend Back to School Night for information and questions.



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All freshmen will take the Shmoop (SAT Prep test) – Provided by the school – no registration needed. Shmoop is an on-line, in depth review of the PSAT. Shmoop Test Prep


checkbox with gold borderComplete “Cluster Finder” on Naviance during your Freshmen CCR lesson.  Click on tab: “ABOUT ME” then click on “Personality Type”.  Naviance Family Connections

checkbox with gold borderAttend College and Career Night.  Contact Counselor for information on event.


checkbox with gold borderAttend Report Card Night to communicate with teachers on students’ progress.



checkbox with gold borderPrepare for final exams as first semester ends.  (January 23rd-26th)



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Begin “My Resume” on Naviance. – Naviance Family Connections Resume

 checkbox with gold borderContinue to explore colleges, careers and more on Naviance. – Naviance Family Connections College & Career


checkbox with gold borderCreate a California State University (CSU mentor) account.  1st semester grades are completed, and students can input those grades into their profile. – CSU Mentor

March – June

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Plan to visit a college during spring break if possible.

checkbox with gold borderWork hard academically to finish the year out strong.  Review the A-G requirements and be prepared to meet with your counselor to register for classes for next year.  Discuss class placement for next year with your current teachers and counselor.

checkbox with gold borderStart or continue your family college discussion: What, Where, How? College Board Big Future